Darren Eggenschwiler
Cinematographer | Tech Wizard | Video Producer
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Video Producer

I have been operating cameras professionally since 2006. My extensive range of experience has given me a robust foundation of knowledge. This helps me adapt to new equipment quickly so that I can provide the highest grade footage possible every time. If you need a specific camera for a job - I can get a hold of it through my strong business connections in the area. On the other hand if you’re not sure what options are available, I can give you advice on which equipment to consider. Be it be a Blackmagic Pocket Cam, or a Red Epic - I’ve shot with them all, and can help you get the most out of your budget.

Tech Wizard

I can offer significant value to any company which is open to technical innovation and lateral thinking. Whether as a video consultant for investing in your own equipment and building your own office studio, or assisting with technical aspects of your business such as choosing the best lighting for your office to promote productivity, or assisting with the implementation of accepting Bitcoin payments for your products and services.

I have been looking to get involved in a crypto-company since I first learnt of the technology in 2013. A combination of my video production skills and a good understanding of the underlying technology puts me in a unique position to effectively communicate the principles and promote Bitcoin start-ups. Since I provide my services in exchange for bitcoin, working with me can make things significantly cheaper and easier for my international clients, who no longer have to deal with a local currency to get the services they require.

Another aspect of my work includes teaching others how to use video equipment. Initially I lectured about lighting and cameras for CUT! filmmaking society at Glasgow University, and tutored unemployed individuals at UWS for Startworks. However, more recently I have... With this in mind, I am happy to train your own in house staff to use equipment for your own productions.


I have a decade of experience lighting and shooting films, using intuition and innovation to overcome budgetary restrictions. I am not an industry seasoned, award winning director of photography, nor do I have any cinematography qualifications to speak of. What I can offer your production is a great deal of experience using low budget equipment to create images which reveal story.

I am a very technical, problem solving Cinematographer. I can add value to your production by offering quickly implemented creative solutions which move the production along without sacrificing important turning points or the intended mood of the scene.

With experience managing a team of four camera / grip / gaffer crew, as well as a year as a student TV station controller, I’m very comfortable in a head of department role. Having worked professionally in every part of Camera & Electrical department, I have a strong understanding of each role’s responsibilities and an appreciation of each individual’s efforts on set.

If you are in need of a no-bullshit, hard working director of photography for your production, please get in touch now.