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The Mountain

It was great to be back on a short film location shooting. Johnny has been developing this one for a year or so and kept me in the loop on it over that time. We shot together in Glen Coe initially for some mountain shots, where Chris subbed in as our lead character all wrapped up in big clothes to disguise him,

Bumped into Junior on arriving at location: turns out our lead got the job with a showreel that I shot and edited from UKSAA! Small industry up here I guess, Here are the lads all dressed up for war:

Harley was back with the team to do special effects makeup, which was great fun. I have two extra shots hidden in this post, with a couple of frames from the footage we shot, but they won't be released until Johnny makes them official - he knows what he's doing on this front, so I will respect his wishes.

What a fantastic time.

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Ash Move In

Ash moved in. He's really nice, his mum is an amazing cook, and we're going to get on just great. He's sleeping - so I won't bash too much here tonight as it's already late.

Bitcoin is doing well - woop! Savings are coming along nicely this month. Tight budget - maximising the savings.

Cait sent me some photos today which genuinely made my eyes water. I am a seriosuly lucky man. We had such a lovely discussion today. Vast variety of topics as usual. Just wonderful dialogue, every moment is a joy.

New plan: bitcoin coursera; codeclan; build team: profit.

Life is awesome.

Fintech Conference

Today was all about fintech. The conference was a good gauge for me in terms of discovering whether or not I really want to move into this industry. I think the main thing it clarified is that there is a large portion I do not understand, but an equally large portion that seems somewhat trivial. Honestly I don't think I heard anything today that was profound or table flipping mentally. I think it was mainly reinforcing things I already knew, and also alluding to areas which I know nothing about. It was a little frustratingly vague but I suppose it wasn't a course - but a conference. Every time it was getting interesting it seemed like people veered off and said "but I won't go into the details of that just now". The Said course should be really interesting in this capacity.

The Blockchain section of the conference was incredibly boring and had very little if any new information to offer me. I suppose that's a good thing. It even felt like Starling wasn't even remotely considering the inclusion of blockchain tech to their current account - given that they oivertly stated they want to do one thing well and only that one thing. Their app market place could be an area to look into for offering a bitcoin backed current account and automatic FX service to some degree. I wonder if they have forums I could discuss these things on.

I feel to some extent that people aren't thinking big enough in this area. The FCA guy actually seemed pretty reasonable, although he did have that London finance look about him that all CFOs seem to have - bald with very fine stubble round the edges and thin rimless silver glasses. I think London will have a better atmosphere. Having said that - JP Morgan Chase guy reminded me of Cait, and that hyper successful larger company feel I associate with her. Their Glasgow operation is scarily impressive. $5 TRILLION handled per day. WTF. The guy who spoke seemed to be extremely impressive. The only person whose attitude I admired more was David from Nucleus Financial. He looks miserable - but his inspirational quotes and universally highly commended business, and quick talking point to an intellect that I can respect.

I did open a Starling Current account in about 5 minutes with full security checks and all, seriously cool. I think if it works I may transfer all of my banking to them. We shall see how easy it is to do DD and faster payments - maybe test selling BTC on Bitbargain and see if the reference comes through as fast as with Bank of Scotland.

One very cool aspect was a Bitcoin coffee machine by Edinburgh University team of four - which ran (poorly with bugs) as a DAO. It accepts bitcoin for making coffees, and will ask you to fill it with water, and keep it full of beans, and clean it out for either free coffee or bitcoin rewards. Seriously cool proof of concept. I wonder if I could build this in our office. It's a great way to distribute labour within an ancap style office. It reminds me of "The Terminal" where Tom Hank's character returns trolleys for a dollar each to fund his living costs during the first week of his stay. The coffee machine incentivises humans around it to keep it in working order.

Cait's in Charlottesville whilst I'm in Edinburgh, so to some extent it's a Cait University life day. :)

I met one derivatives guy today, Lewis. He was a lawyer and moved into finance, and has some blockchain knowledge. We spoke about ethereum ETFs a little and he seemed to think that crypto was extremely comoplicated, but finance wasn't - and that everyone seemed to talk about finance as if it were incredibly complex but he finds almost everyone is pretending to know what they're talking about. That relaxed me a bit, since having been through the day it certainly seems like a lot of pretending goes on. I also met a professor of mathematics at Edinburgh University who seemed interesting, and spoke to a few recruitment people about the industry - which they seemed to think I ought to pursue. The only advice seemed to be to find the right people to contact and note my interest, and to put together a one sheet expaining my skills and proving competency. Hackathons are maybe the way forward - and also learn to code / UX design and API understanding at least.

Product development examples. They can probably train me on speicifc languages oretty quickly - but the problem solving an innovative thinking are the hard parts you can't really train people up on. Demonstrate that if you want to be hired. Otherwise just go build what yoiu think the market needs, and get some devs together to do the actual coding. So long as you understand the general principles you ought to be able to lead a team towards a common goal. If you can market to a target audience - you should be able to round up the troops and get something done as it is essentially the same skill set.

hmmm - option B methinks. It might be an idea to get some experience in the big corporate environment in order to figure out what to do / not to do when it happens for my own company.

Flatmate Attained

These past few days have be a tremendous success.

Today was filming comic con - but let's skip over that because I find it pretty boring to be honest. Costumes have never intrigued me much. I told Steven today - I think I must not have that particular brain type or something.

Main event: I have a flatmate. Ash. When I met him I sort of just clicked - he seems nice. Plays sports, works at a bank as an analyst. We said we could exchange knowledge and I would love to. A good guy to have around whilst I study fintech. He went to Edinburgh University and Aberdeen for a bit. Was going to be a doctor but switched to Finance. Smart move. :)

This will help with saving money for future plans. Namely £7226 if I'm smart about my budgeting otherwise. Extra money from freelance should pay for flights to see Cait in the mean time. That's the plan.

And then I fell asleep the end.


Today I swung wildly from Skills Devleopment Scotland filming in the morning to finding a flatmate or two all the rest of the day. I completely gutte the second bedroom and begotiated the price of renting the second bedroom up to £660 for a couple to stay with me. That should be sufficient saving to do what I want to do within the next 6 months. A very exciting time ahead.

It looks like a number of flatmates would be appropriate - and the landlord has confirmed they'd prefer that I stay and are happy for me to find someone appropriate and sublet to them. WONDERFUL. Six month lease and then I'm on to make myself very uncomfortable an consequently productive. Time to play with the big boys and make some REAL businesses. I cannot wait to get my teeth sunk into this. I will meet wonderful people like Harris Aslam, but in the feilds I'm interested in. The city ewith some of the best minds in it. All competing dog eat dog to contribute the most value to the market.

I will continue to HODL bitcion - any perhaps day trade from time to time just to master market pricinples and risk management. HODL half and short the downturns as a hedge. Risk management style. Perhaps even diversify into Swiss gold. I have a few things to save for - so will try to get BYSALI to turn a profit in addition to the rent savings during this six months. The Fintech course should be ideal for finding good people who share interests on crypto and have dev skills or share my vision for a voliuntary future civilisation. It could even be borderless and opt-in. Exlusive at first like Facebook was, so people want to be a part of it. Eventually they're let in - with its real money. Perhaps modelled on the langauge of Atlas Shurgged. #idea for later.

I've also just started Jordan Peterson's Self Authoring course. I think it's been going really well so far. It has helped me realise that I really want a family, and that I think I've found the right person to do that with some day. It already feels right. I have another key for her, so perhaps If I find the reporting and process helpful all the way through I'll recommend it to her. I wonder what she might discover. It also has already helped highlight where I need to go and what I need to work on first. Fascinating. more on that later.

Maybe I should have a glance at the Physics of Light slack. I don't think I'm ready. Start of Next Year perhaps.

I have to share this because it so perfectly encapsulated Cait. Happiness, beauty, and humour and proclivity for solo time. I hope she won't mind me sharing. It is so beautiful that I can't imagine she'll mind: All of the yes.

Bitcoin Massacre

Did I play badminton today? I think that was yesterday. I beat Steven a whole bunch so that was fun, it would have been fun either way, but I somehow felt like I had win on my side since coming back from the states.

Today was more about filming documentary GVs, and selling Bitcoin. I has a little Wolf of Wall st. moment of I'M NOT LEAVING when it came to the sell off around $4k - which is sad given it's almost 1000 dollars lower today. Alas I had to liquidate some to cover an online course I plan to do, which will undoubtedly make me a more employable individual in the field I am so fascinated in. Big selloff - also potentially going to apply for a new credit card to get some perks. Maybe airmiles, maybe 0% purchase on the course... maybe get one just for card snoozing, shove it all into a high yeild savings account.

I've also been considering getting a market price for myself around the world vias linked in applications again - considering stack overflow is advertising for "passive" tech recruiting. Suggesting market demand for devs. I've been gesring up for that for qiute some time so I might as well entertain the idea. I looked at the cost of living in both DC and London to compare - interestingly London is 1.58 times more expensive than Glasgow and DC is 1.63 times as expensive - no wonder it seems like everyone over there is RAKING it in. WOW --- I just checked Zurich - 2.09 times as much as Glasgow!

When I realised the other day that that one bitcoin related application I've ever tried was to JP Morgan - whose CEO is directly against bitcoin... Yah. Maybe I should apply elsewhere. Preferably somewhere they test for IQ and bitcoin knowledge. Who knows what these skills are worth on the market.

I feel like we waste a lot of time at work recently. I need to up productivity, without being a total asshole. Perhaps the DC branch with Mayowa is the most productive path. I pissed off Stuart today I think - by refusing to work for free. It's fun work, but I need to save for flights these days.

USA #2

That was genuinely incredible.

Cait and I had such a fun packed four days together in DC and Virginia. Notably we went to Charlottesville, UVA campus where Cait studied for 3.5 years. Plus Thomas Jefferson's house which was a magnificent testament to his determination and ingenuity. As well as a location that was clearly crafted from first principles to stimulate deep thought. We saw the plans of his university and then went to see the campus ourselves. Great fun and awe inspiring with all the secret society notes in chalk in maybe in the ground .

Prior to that we went to see the Chinese and Japanese gardens with the DC National Arboretum.

Also worth mentioning meeting some of Cait's friends, who were just wonderful. Mayowa and Julia too. Some really helpful business chat from everyone.

There's more to add but: Jetlag. Blarg.

Trains Plumbing & Drama

I wrapped at the UKSAA studio today, after 2 hours 40 mins. 11.5 minutes per shot; CRAZY fast shooting. I had to be ruthless, but we got it done by 21:10 - only ten mins over target for six groups of actors.

This morning I shot aerial shots of the university; and some cutaways for the documentary at main gate.

First thing before all that: I snuck a train shot pickup for another film (blagged my way in by pretending to be a train enthusiast lol).

Also had an SEC event film to cover which I shot in the middle three hours of the day. Returned ill fitting T-shirts, picked up some toiletries... not to mention an impromptu business strategy meeting with Luke and Steven this morning when I went in to pick up kit. All spurred from last night's "workplace" groups I started on ensuring we upskilled and maintained our expertise going forward, and proposing that we take a look at "what we do" and ensure it fits market demand. Really productive meeting. The guys were so up for discussing it, I was really taken aback, since I almost expect them to see it as out of nowhere, or because I'm still used to Luke dragging his feet - or it looking like he was simply due to what was happening behind the scenes with he who will not be named. Steven got his BMW XD - so happy for him. He very kindly offered me a lift to the airport tomorrow, the flight being an extremely exciting prospect.

Tying off the ship

It feels like I'm going away for a long time - but it's only going to be four days.

I suppose that's just due to the distance, and perhaps relatively speaking it will be a long time because it's going to be compressed time in that Cait and I will try to squeeze as much out of it as possible.

I started the day by posting a USB drive to Chris Quick with some music video grades on them.

Then went to the office to grab the lads and head to Nalytics, a tech firm in the search space specialising in legal services machine learning indexing and things like that. Pretty basic set up with Stuart's Directors chairs - so need to find a good working strategy so that I can set this sort of job up and then leave some apprentise to press record and make sure nothing enters frame that shouldn't be there.

Steven very kindly then drove me to Edinburgh Airport where I'm posting from now.

Today was my introduction to Google Tag Manager - which should help with strategy development on Brand Csalibre's front of measurable success.

So happy - excited, and raring to get on the plane to London, where there will be a brief delay before the long haul to Dulles. XD See you soon Cait. x