At my core

I believe that audio visual communication is the most effective medium by which information can be conveyed.

In the right hands

This power can do profound good. I enjoy empowering people so that they may transmit their message more clearly and to the right audience by using light, movement, contrast, sound, colour, language and culture.

I provide

Services: Cinematography, Web Development, Staff Training, Purchasing Consultation, Strategy Development. I have a background in electronics engineering, was Controller of a brilliant student television station, lectured on Cameras and Lighting; can shoot straight, and hammerhead a fixed wing plane. I love Physics, Bitcoin, Beethoven and Liberty.

I can make your life easier, and your content superior.

Contact Details

Darren Eggenschwiler
London, UK
+44 (0)7817 205 201


University of Glasgow

Audio and Video Engineering B.Eng. 2010

Psychology of Perception, Image and Data Processing, Documentary Production, Electronics Engineering. Activities and Societies: Controller of Glasgow University Student Television 08-09, Co-founder of CUT! film making society. Several National Student Television Awards.

Robert Gordon's College

Highschool grades: A,A,A,A,A,A,C 2006

Advanced Higher Physics, Higher Drama, Graphic Communication, Media Studies, Maths, Chemistry, English. Activities and Societies: Merit award for outstanding contribution to Drama, Bass in Chamber Choir, 60 Second Shakespeare, Film Club, Prefect, Cadet Pilot.



Creative Account Manager April 2018 - Present

An internal and external consultant on Creative, Strategy, and Production within the context on B2B content marketing across a number of verticals but particularly Tech & Financial Services.

Brand Calibre

Video Marketing Producer May 2017 - June 2018

I had a wonderful time working with the gentlemen at Brand Calibre. Often working as a Cinematographer, but also Producing, Color Grading, and Animating various projects as necessary within the small team, also some web development.


Accounts Manager May 2015 - April 2017

In this position I discovered a great deal about sales and management within SMBs. I gained experience in networking, small business management, outbound sales, as well as marketing priciples and strategy development.

Production Attic

Technical Director April 2011 - February 2015

As a co-founder of the business I gained startup management experience, and developed a deep respect for small businesses understanding the challenges they face. As Technical Director I developed and oversaw many procedural elements of the business, conducted equipment maintenence and purchasing, managed many aspects of the inbound sales and marketing through web development and UX design.


The vast majority of my skills have been developed independently. Usually through interative approaches, learning on the job, and occasionally through online courses. This is a visual guide to the state of my development in each of my areas of interest.

  • Cinematography | Editing | Grading
  • HTML/CSS | Javascript | PHP
  • Digital Communications and Marketing
  • Python | Java | C++
  • Node.js | Cryptography | Bitcoin


  • A sure-fire talent with an exhaustive knowledge on camera and light, Darren lit and shot Electric Faces to follow the look of initial concept art. He is widely respected as one of the best and hardest working professionals within the Glasgow film scene. Having someone behind the camera with as much technical knowledge and open-minded curiosity as Darren is incredibly liberating for any director. Taking advantage of the latest industry software, his work as cinematographer continues into the final edit where he retains control of the film colour grade.

    Johnny Herbin

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